The Oh Darn ListThese three letters; IRS, are able to strike fear into your heart more quickly than about any others.  They are usually accompanied by other words like; audit, levy, lien, seizure, or garnishment.  These actions are typically initiated by failure to file taxes, incorrect filings, owing back taxes, payroll tax problems, and tax problems associated with a spouse.  These are very serious notifications and should not be taken lightly.  Failure to respond can result in seizure of your assets up to and including your bank accounts, stock portfolio, wages, house, cars, boat, planes, jewelry, vacation property, retirement plans, social security, etc.  In other words, they have the power to totally wipe you out!  How is your fear tolerance holding out?  We tell our clients that they do not need to fear the IRS but they do need to respect them.  They have to play by the same rules we do and we have to respond to them in the way they want us to. In order to repel them, stop them or stall them; you need to take action.  That is what we do for our clients.  These actions include responding to their letters and seeking clarification.  If further action is required it may involve working out a payment plan, seeking innocent spouse relief, bankruptcy, pursuing an offer in compromise or representing you before an audit.  Granted, none of these actions are pleasant; but we can assure you that they are nothing compared to the unpleasantness of doing nothing.  When facing the IRS, there are few things more comforting than knowing you have a tax professional who has been there before working on your team.

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