With our remote support, we utilize software that; with your permission, allows us to access your computer so we can see exactly what you see. This software is great because it allows us to work directly with you and even train you on how to use QuickBooks.

You MUST call us at 813 931-8285 before selecting ‘Download Now’.  We will be able to talk you through the initial steps with your browser to assure the right responses are made to questions regarding anti-virus warnings, etc.

Once that is done we will be able to talk to you, see your computer screen and control your computer remotely.

1 - Is Remote Support Secure?

Yes, a remote support session is encrypted at 128 Bits at both ends. This is the same level of security used by on-line banking.

A) All remote support is done in full view of the 'host' and the remote connection can be ended with the click of a button.
B) A remote session is fully 'interactive'. Both Host and Remote can operate the PC simultaneously.

2 - Can a remote tech connect to my PC without my permission?

No, a remote session MUST be initiated by the end user (the Host). The session can be ended at any time by either party, and once ended cannot be re-established without EXPLICITLY doing so. (the HOST MUST click connect from the web site).

3 - Why would I want to use Remote Support?

A) Remote Support can allow Craig to log onto YOUR computer, over the internet, to see what you see. Craig can make adjusting journal entries easily and show you how to use your software.
B) Speed – We can solve problems right now.
C) Since Craig does not need visit you, costs can be reduced.

By clicking the link above, you will be downloading our remote software.  It is free from all malware and viruses.  If your anti-virus software warns you that it may be an unsafe program, it is a false positive and you need not worry.

If you'd like to receive more information about our Remote Support Services, please call (813) 931-8285 or CONTACT US.