The General Accounting Office has recently released a report stating that over 75% of taxpayers feel they benefited by using professional tax preparation services.  We could not agree more and would take it a step further.  We believe that they would be even better served by avoiding the highly advertised national tax preparation franchises that claim to get back your billions while in fact; they leave billions on the table.  I would further suggest that using tax preparation software to prepare your taxes at home is very problematic.  The IRS tax code is over 76,000 pages long, that is a stack of books over 26 feet high.  No matter how refined their software program is; it will never reach the level of sophistication to address all the nuances of the tax code and do it in a way that could be understood by the typical taxpayer.  Our experience has been that many of those who use tax preparation software fail to get near the benefits afforded by having a seasoned, professional CPA prepare their return.

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